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Alucan has always been unparalleled in its incessant aspiration to evolve and it’s firm mission of becoming the model company in the international aluminium manufacturing market. Thus we are proud to announce the opening of our new plant in Lummen, Belgium as a significant step towards expanding our firm closer to our clients and growing our brand to reach its full potential.

Alucan new factory in Belgium

The opening of this new factory, not only marks a monumental entrepreneurial advancement for Alucan, but a real progression towards the values that founded the company. The new Lummen plant is both a direct representation of the thirst for innovation that consistently drives Alucan into action and a significant progress into transforming our production into a series of sustainable practices, as we continue to pioneer in our firm pledge to create a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing sector. 

With the installation of our new plant, we expect to reduce our carbon footprint by 7.7% due to process improvements in our production line, in which we are working through the implementation of effective management systems. We expect a further 3.7% reduction through our economization of transport, as the plant brings us to closer proximity to several clients. Furthermore, our increasingly common use of 100% PCR recycled aluminium will reduce the can carbon footprint by a staggering 88.4% whilst the work of our I+D team aims to lower the weight of the cans to further reduce the footprint by at least 2.5%.

Eco-friendly factory 

Our new Lummen factory brings even more advances towards sustainability. We will improve the impact of our manufacturing process by reaching towards eco-friendly energy sources. These actions include taking advantage of the heat of the ovens to repurpose it to heat the water required for the process, with the installation of heat exchangers; finding an effective management system through which we can connect rain water to use in our production, and investing in solar panels that will provide us a significant amount of energy to continue producing sustainably. 

Thus, the opening of our new Lummen plant brings about incredibly exciting prospects for Alucan’s business expansion, strong international connections and firm environmental commitment. Here’s to innovation. Here’s to new beginnings.  Here’s to a future of sustainability.