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In Alucan we are proud to say that we continuously strive to ensure that eco-consciousness and novelty are consistently intertwined at the forefront of our firm. 

Thus, we are launching a series of actions that ensure our process matches our motto, with the first being the presentation of our brand new website. Now, more than ever, a reflection of what Alucan is today, a modernisation of the old that highlights the core values of our company: sustainability, innovation and a unique focus on the needs of our clients.

A clean, elegant design paired with high quality images provides an overview of the way in which our company pushes to ensure that product and process are consistently interlinked to match our principles. From our comprehensive and dynamic home page, our ‘modus operandi’ becomes completely accessible to you.

Through our ‘About Us’ tab we provide a candid presentation of who we are, the human labour, commitment and history behind Alucan. In line with our search for transparency and in bringing you, the client, closer to us, our ‘Product’ tab is a comprehensive guide on the quality, detail and utility in all that we have to offer.

Aerosol, Bottles and Sport Bottles

Divided through our three main products: aerosol, bottles and sport bottles, we offer not only a detailed layout of design, but the ability to directly request a quote for a desired product. Our ‘Innovation’ tab highlights how our 360º service enables us to both create tailored products that meet and exceed the specific needs of our customers and simultaneously guarantees an 100% sustainable, eco-focused, eco-conscious process of production that aligns with our ethos.

And finally, but perhaps most importantly given its utmost influence in the foundation of Alucan, our website features a whole tab dedicated to Sustainability.

A continuation of how it permeates all areas of our company, this section details the way in which we extend the concept of sustainability to every single step of our proceedings, actively choosing energy resources that contribute to a better safekeeping of our environment. 

Innovation, Sustainability and Customer Care

Our new website becomes then, not just the point of reference contact between client and company, but a complete reflection of how innovation, sustainability and customer care are not just mere values, but the very foundations and roots of Alucan. As we modernise and push our brand to excel in its continuous growth,  we continue to strive for better. 

This is just the beginning. Welcome to a future of sustainability.