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Innovation and added value are two of our ethos. Here at Alucan, we believe in the opportunities that the packaging industry offers, as we work to offer innovative, ecological solutions capable of adding value to the packaging beyond its basic function. We adapt to satisfy the needs of our clients, as each project we undertake is a completely new adventure for us. That is why we boast an extensive list of international clients that trust us with their creative vision to create a functional, ecological and innovative product that fits their requirements.  Furthermore, we are passionate about meeting the standards of today’s society, as we work to ensure that our production is always in line with the environmental awareness of consumers, reaching for renewable energies and clean technologies to create a product that combines innovation and sustainability. 

How do we achieve all of this? Our R&D team works on the continuous improvement of all the aspects of our production, which we believe is fundamental to the success of our final product.  From formats, measurements, designs, and printing, we are constantly searching for the latest technology that will increase the quality of our packaging, provide us with more options to meet the needs of our clients, and ensure we are becoming increasingly more eco-friendly as a company. For example, since 2021 Alucan is producing packaging that is not only 100% recyclable, but up to 100% recycled aluminum upon request. Our core material, aluminum, is mixed with alloys to create an ultra-lightweight product that is also inherently more sustainable as we lower the carbon footprint of our aluminum production. To this day, our aerosols, technical bottles, and sports bottles can be found around the globe in all kinds of industries, from pharmaceutical to cosmetics to food and sports, as we grow our client list internationally. We are so much more than packaging. Alucan creates at your service.