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Every 8th of March we celebrate the array of women who despite their incredible achievements and efforts are still societally dismissed. Here at Alucan we are lucky to have many incredible women to celebrate. Our team is pivotal in all that Alucan has become, and the women that conform a part of it each hold an individual and essential share of the success of our company.

Female Voices 

In a sector in which it is usual to see a disproportionate amount of opportunities and leading roles being offered to men, Alucan is proud to set an example with women dominating in executive and administrative roles. In fact, we believe that the amplification of female voices is not only absolutely necessary to sustain the values of progressiveness and innovation that founded our company, but a pivotal aspect to guarantee the growth of any company ad achieve a change in how society and business systematically neglect women, especially when it comes to engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Gender equality in the workplace

Because actions speak louder than words, it is easier to understand our commitment to gender equality in figures, especially in relation to the number of women that form our commercial and management team:

In figures:

  • In offices and administration of a total of 12 people – 9 are women.
  • In the executive board of a total of 9 executives – 5 are women.
  • In the direction of a total of 5 executives, 3 are women.
  • On the Board of Directors of a total of 6 chairs – 3 are women.

To ensure that our aims and values are consistently being challenged, Alucan has an efficient gender equality plan in the workplace. It is in essence, the perfect tool with which to offer opportunities to a wider pool of talent, protecting the potential and skills of all regardless of their gender, and increasing the subsequent motivation and consideration of our employees so that they are encouraged to reach their full potential. 

In fact, two of our main priorities that stem from this plan, are providing an environment that allows both men and women to reconcile their work and personal life, and actively promoting the contributions of women in our company so that they are, as the should be, valued to the same high standard as their male co-workers. 

A future prospect for a better world does not exist if we keep ignoring and neglecting more than half of our population. Thank you to all the women who fight daily for their voice to be heard.