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Here at Alucan one of our key differentiators is our expertise within the manufacturing and aluminum industry, and our commitment to innovation and sustainability as we grow and expand.  We are a company with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of monobloc aluminum packaging. Our beginnings date back to the French multinational group Pechiney, (Cebal) which was later absorbed by the Canadian group Alcan. From their union in December 2007 Alucan was officially born, becoming an independent capital company.

Our focus since then has been on consistently developing new packaging formats and styles that adapt to the specific needs of our clients and align with society‚Äôs values of sustainability, quality, and integrity. In fact, our R+D+I team works on updating our practices and materials by ensuring we are reaching for the latest eco-friendly technologies. As we grow and expand, what has remained a pillar in our journey is our clear customer orientation, as each project we take on is unique according to our client’s demand. We are manufacturers of monobloc aluminum bottles and aerosol and we currently have the widest European range in capacities, from 100 ml to 1 L. Apart from all the tailor-made projects, we carry out to achieve the total satisfaction of the companies that trust, we also manufacture personalized sports bottles, for companies and entities, according to demand.

In line with our beginnings and our commitment to sustainability, what we have managed to create here at Alucan is a product with infinite lives: 100% recyclable aluminum containers that can be 100 recycled (PCR) upon customer request, and that challenge the polluting practices of the packaging industry. Our ability to cater to an array of markets and sectors means we can export our packaging to all countries and we have an excellent international sales network.

Alucan was founded upon values of sustainability and innovation. With more than 40 years of experience within the aluminum industry, we continue to be pioneers in the manufacturing sector. Alucan creates at your service.