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Here at Alucan, every project is a different experience, as we continuously tailor each of our services to fit the needs and desires of every single one of our customers, whilst maintaining our core values of sustainability, care and innovation.  Our production focuses on the delivery of the highest quality aluminium bottles and aerosols, as we currently stand as the only manufacturer capable of producing more than 30 different formats, from 20 cl. up to 1 L. Our uniqueness lies also in our commitment to sustainability, as our aluminium is 100% recyclable and can also be sourced to be up to 100% recycled. 

As our clients, sectors and ambitions have grown so have our options, expertise and flexibility, and we currently boast an extensive list of design options that many recognized food and beverage, fragrance and technical brands continue to trust. 

Design options: 


Different sectors, uses and purposes require different bottle or aerosol necks to create the ideal product. Our team will advise you on the best suited option for your individual or corporate project, as our range includes, ogival, flat shoulder, rim shoulder, bullet shape, siphon and silhouette style neck options, as well as tamper, crown cork and pilfer proof for the more technical markets that require hyper secure closures. 

Prints and inks:

The great advantage of aluminum aerosols and bottles is how they allow for the opportunity of printing their entire surface. As such, we offer a wide range of prints and inks that create a completely personalised product for each client whilst giving more added value to the core product.  Some examples include: 

  • Bright Intense White: A bluish white that increases the impact on the shelf by attracting light.
  • Matt & Gloss: Matte and glossy inks for a more visual and elegant effect.
  • Thermo-chromic: the ink changes color when the bottle reaches the ideal temperature to consume the drink.
  • UV: Glows with a fluorescent light when exposed to UV light.

Over Varnish: 

Our reprography center will guides our clients to obtain a high-quality graphic product , using various over varnish print finishes, such as, glossy, matte, semi-matte, satin, UV, tactile and Matt & Gloss. Some of our options include: 

  • Sparkly: with glitter that adds a sophisticated and festive look.
  • Matte: adds a velvety touch to the bottle.
  • Tactile: applies to bottles to which you want to give added value through touch.

When design, commitment and innovation meet, the results can be incredible. We strive to make aluminium bottles and aerosols unique to each client. Your project is also ours. This is Alucan.