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On Thursday, June 3, we were delighted to participate in the Change2Grow online forum “Creation of value through ESG management”, where our executive director Elisenda Miravitlles exposed/presented the different actions we are taking to ensure our commitment to sustainability makes a continuous positive impact in our society. ESG stands for  Environmental, Social, and Governance, the three dimensions of sustainability that businesses and brands must consider when making decisions to move forward. 

The virtual forum centered on generating value through ESG management and provided examples of how to deal with our new environment using responsible business management models. The general consensus of the session was that despite numerous challenges that may arise, ESG management, when applied effectively, has the ability to transform risks into opportunities.  

Investment in clean technologies

In our contribution to the debate, we presented three different areas we are strategically approaching to reduce our environmental impact, especially concerning the emissions of greenhouse gasses. Our first successful action was the transfer of our premises from Badalona to Llinars del Vallés where our new plant has already achieved a 35% reduction on these emissions . The production lines and renovated infrastructures of the plant have been key in improving energy efficiency, as a decrease in consumption has directly triggered a decrease of emissions brought upon by our investment in clean technologies. 

Our ambition towards sustainability continues as we now enter a second phase, which features product as the prime area through which we are progressing. Our aim is to reduce emissions up to 60% by lowering the quantity of commodities and raw materials used, always ensuring that they come from recyclable, sustainable sources. The goal is that our aluminium packaging will maintain all of its capabilities and benefits despite a reduction of materials that will then ensure it is significantly more eco-friendly

Alucan, sustainable provider.

The third factor that will hopefully contribute to the positive impact we strive towards is transport. A simple, yet logistically complicated way of lowering the emissions of transport is to reduce the kilometres traveled in the distribution of our products, so that any negative environmental impact induced by transport immediately decreases as a result. For this very reason, we have ventured into the opening of our new plant in Lummen, Belgium, which not only will prove to be a great investment in sustainable innovation due to its advanced technology, but will also bring us closer to our demand area, given that 90% of our clients are based in Central Europe. 

“This will make Alucan a significantly more sustainable provider, and I think any industry can achieve this if they set their heart to it” concluded our director, Elisenda Miravitlles. We are and will always be committed to leading the way in sustainability practices within businesses and companies. This is Alucan.