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Alucan was founded with the mission to become the benchmark for the international aluminium packaging market, as we aimed to create a product that reflected our values in its whole, from its production, to its essence, delivery and condition. Our unique focus on principles of sustainability, equality and innovation, combined with our customer-focused approach to our process has meant we are pioneers in the industry, setting the standards for ethical, cutting edge production that creates outstanding results for clients and challenges our notion of business. We are not who we are without our values:


Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. Our product is manufactured with lightweight 100% recyclable aluminium, as we aim to extend our commitment to the protection of the environment to every area of our company. We are firm in our promise to develop our activity sustainably, consistently reducing our carbon footprint in our plants, energy use, transport and offices. 


Our thirst for innovation is what moves us forward. Our R&D team is continuously devising new ideas and concepts that bring original solutions to the market. One of our latest accomplishments that entailed a nomination to the InGreen Luxe Pack Awards is 100% recycled aluminium bottles and aerosols, that we source from PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) aluminium.


We believe equality is not only a parameter of justice, but essential for a successful company. Thus, we have an effective gender equality plan in the workplace that ensures women are at the forefront of conversations within the company. Our team is the perfect representation of our push for female.  In figures, in offices and administration 9 out of 12 people are women, in the executive board of a total of 9 executives 5 are women, in direction of a total of 5 executives, 3 are women and finally on the Board of Directors of a total of 6 chairs 3 are women.

This, of course, is only the beginning. Sustainability, Innovation and Equality are integral values that have marked our success within the aluminium and packaging industry but there is more to come, more ingredients to our success and much more to our company. This is Alucan.