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In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Here at Alucan, we are aware that ‘Sustainable’ is loosely thrown around in business talks as a tedious box one can lazily tick, and as such we strive to not only respect the intricacies of sustainability in all their importance, but to promote its nature as a necessary, continuous, all-encompassing effort to counteract the environmental harm of human manufacturing and protect the natural resources our world provides.

We focus on four environmental areas 

To achieve this all-rounded approach to sustainability, in Alucan we focus on four environmental areas that ensure our approach continuously challenges the now normalized invasive, polluting and ecologically threatening practices that encompass the materials production sector. 

First and foremost, is product. Our product is the optimal reflection of how every element of our modus operandi works towards sustainability. Conscious that aluminium, despite being significantly better than its plastic counterpart, still has a considerable negative impact on our environment, we also use new alloys that lower the weight of aluminium to make our bottles more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, our product not only wholly recyclable and ecological but we also provide our clients with the option to request their product be made (to varying percentages) with Post-Consumer Recycled Aluminium, that we source from used packaging by consumers which is then recovered, washed and crushed to return to the production process.

In terms of our facilities and utilities our focus shifts to the use of sustainable energy resources, so that our contracted electricity comes from renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration. Our efforts extend even further, as we carry out efficient management systems that repeatedly invest in clean technologies to guarantee our systems are 100% up to date with the latest ecological innovations. 

Strong sense of responsibility

Our production strategy is built upon a strong sense of responsibility so that we strive to reduce waste in all areas of our operations, pushing all our employees and collaborators to opt to completely eliminate the use of plastic and integrate instead recyclable material in offices and in the plant and production. Finally, in terms of transport, our measures consist of optimizing the quantity of trucks operating and packages used in an attempt to lower our transportation carbon footprint and the use of more eco-conscious packaging, including kraft paper, recycled cardboard, reused pallet and returnable separators.

 What we do now changes everything. The only way forward is sustainability. This is Alucan