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Here in Alucan we are constantly aiming to integrate the principles of sustainable development in every single aspect of our business operations. Moving forward, we have identified four key areas with which to tackle our eco-friendly ethos and reduce both their impact on our environment and our carbon footprint. Thus, we aim to push our sustainability standards in the following areas:

  • Product
  • Production
  • Transport 
  • Facilities and Utilities

This approach then ensures that our commitment to protect our ecosystems goes beyond a recyclable product, and extends to all stages of development and production that are so crucial in their environmental impact. 

Optimal use of energy

In terms of our facilities and utilities, we are focusing on the optimal use of energy. Currently, we control our atmospheric emission through several systems that treat the emissions produced during the production process to guarantee we are meeting the required guidelines. Furthermore, our wastewater treatment system ensures we remove contaminants from the water so it can be returned to the water cycle and be reused for various purposes. The system allows us to treat and control the water before redirecting it to the public sewer system and we also voluntarily submit to a monthly water analysis that is performed by a qualified representative from the local water authority. Within our plant, we also have several checkpoints, detectors designed to save energy, as they disconnect the ovens and pumps whenever the line stops. Line 10 in the plant has been subject to an improvement, as it burns gas to heat oil so that this heat is then transferred to the water processes we use on the production line. Given that natural gas generates 0.201 kg CO2 per kWh and electricity generates 0.385 kg CO2 per kWh, we replace part of the electrical energy with gas energy, proven to be greener from an environmental point of view. 

We are constantly moving forward. Thus, our next focus is within Line 8 where we are planning to install a heat exchanger. Previously, water was heated by electrical resistance, but we hope this improvement will reduce electricity consumption through the increase of gas consumption and consequently significantly reduce our carbon footprint for 2021. We will continue to push for sustainability to drive everything we do and remain pioneers within the manufacturing and aluminium industries. Welcome to a future of sustainability. This is Alucan.