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Back in 1974 when purpose, a thirst for innovation and a strong desire to care for our environment joined forces to create Alucan, a project that endeavoured to become the benchmark for the international , we established one thing: our mission would be to consistently challenge our ethos to become leaders in how enterprise, transparency and heart can successfully provide outstanding results.

Monobloc aluminum packaging

We are leading manufacturers of monobloc aluminum packaging, focusing on the production of three main items: aerosol, bottles and sport bottles. What defines us is our  commitment to sustainability and innovation, brought upon by a diverse and multicultural team. In fact, we believe that it is the hands behind the project that set our company aside, and thus provide a safe and stimulating environment for our staff whilst implementing gender equality (a great sufferer in companies within our sector), security and wellbeing measures that encourage the excellence and intention of our team. Our process and ethos has attracted an outstanding international sales network that continuously reaches for the care, personalisation and effectiveness Alucan delivers.

100% Recyclable Aluminium

Our clients are able to choose up to every single detail of their requests, from the types of necks, inks or over varnishes available for bottles to their 100% recyclability that grants our products with infinite lives. What is so unique about our complete involvement in  every step of the production line is how we are able to provide a completely tailor-made service that perfectly adapts to each of our customer’s individual needs. This feat, is of course also the work of our R&D team, that through their constant search for innovation in our manufacturing process are able to find ways of providing ecological solutions, capable of adding value to packaging beyond its basic utility. 

Sustainability is an integral part of the very foundation of Alucan, and a value that we strive to incorporate every step of the way, from product, to our facilities and utilities, to production and transport. Our actions include anything from utilising 100% recyclable aluminium as our fundamental raw material, to employing effective management systems and consistent investment in clean technologies, to guaranteeing the elimination of plastic consumption both in our offices and in plant & production or ensuring a maximum optimization of trucks and packages to reduce CO2 emissions. If we are completely transparent on the particularities of our process it is because we believe that innovation without sustainability is fundamentally destructive, and an active care for our planet the only way forward. 

This is Alucan. Welcome to a future of sustainability.