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We have revealed the values that originated and still shape Alucan to this day, the ways sustainability, equality and innovation permeate every business area in our company. It is now time to highlight the values that encompass our process and that have resulted in strong, lengthy relationships with trusted clients, outstanding results and international success. These are, in essence, the principle upon which we operate, our modus operandi for every single project we venture ourselves into.

Client Focus:

Our client’s needs are our main motivation, as we seek to exceed their expectations and provide consistently exceptional results. Here at Alucan, we approach each individual project with a fresh mind, adapting our processes to create an incredibly personalized product that fits the requirements, ethos and standards of the company we are working with. We are incredibly particular and detailed in our production process and our raw materials follow the most rigorous quality controls. Though our projects are uniquely tailor-made, our fundamental raw material is always 100% recyclable aluminum, which we mix with alloys to lower the weight and increase the sustainability of the packaging. 

International Outlook:

We currently possess the widest European range in capacities (from 100ml to 1L) in our production of monobloc aluminium bottles and aerosols. Our goals are global, as we boast a variety of national and international clients that are attracted to our ethos, thoroughness and innovative are manufacturers of monobloc aluminum bottles and aerosols. Currently, we have the widest European range in capacities, from 100 ml to 1 L. At Alucan our clients are the main priority. For this reason, we carry out tailor-made projects to achieve the total satisfaction of the companies that trust us. In addition, we manufacture personalized sports bottles, for companies and entities, according to demand.

 Transparency and Security:

We assume the risks of our activity in a responsible way, always seeking the necessary balance that allows us to maintain high financial independence. We build trust in our relationships by acting ethically and honestly. Our staff is our greatest asset. Keeping them safe, healthy and engaged is our highest priority.