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The IAI (International Aluminum Institute) provides models and data for companies to ensure the future of sustainable development within the industry. With the purpose of reducing emissions by 80% over the coming decades, (even though  global demand for primary aluminium will increase by up to 40% and recycled aluminium from postconsumer scrap will more than triple through to 2050) the IAI has identified three target pathways.

The first is Electricity Decarbonisation. More than 60% of the aluminium sector’s 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 e emissions (2018) are from the production of electricity consumed during the smelting process. Decarbonised power generation and the deployment of carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) offer the most significant opportunity to reduce emissions to near zero by 2050. 

Here at Alucan we are proud to be pioneers in the aluminum industry, leading the way by finding eco-friendly solutions to further our growth and production, as our R+D team works to keep up to date with the latest sustainable innovations. Our focus is in providing high quality aluminum packaging solutions that are respectful towards our environment and that are also produced through sustainable methods that protect our future. Our use of electricity is guided by sustainability principles as we reach for renewable energy sources and high efficiency cogeneration for our contracted electricity. Furthermore, we invest in effective management systems and clean technologies such as our latest introduction of a system through which we are able to collect rainwater to use for our production. Our newest plant in Lummen (and our most sustainable yet) features solar panels that provide great amounts of energy for our processes and our investment in high technology heat exchangers means we are able to repurpose the heat of our ovens to heat the water needed in production.

We are proud to follow the examples of the International Aluminum Institute and will continue to look towards their models in our commitment to sustainable development. We believe in a future of sustainability. Alucan creates at your service.