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Here at Alucan, we have been manufacturing monobloc aluminum packaging for more than 40 years, with a specific focus on delivering the highest quality range of products that simultaneously adapt to each individual client and uphold our company values. Thus, due to our expertise, care and knowledge, we are able to deliver infinite varieties and styles within the products that we specialise in manufacturing. Our main focus is in the production of aerosols and aluminium bottles for an array of different markets, from food and beverages, to cosmetics, pharmaceutical, technical and sports. 

Safety and quality

Our production process meets the most rigorous requirements to ensure the highest safety and quality; whilst our always moving R&D department works incessantly to create a product that will uniquely meet the necessity of each of our individual customers.


Like all of our products, our aerosols are produced with 100% recyclable aluminium mixed with alloys to create a light, resistant and sustainable packaging option. We manufacture standard or custom aerosol packaging for capacities from 100 ml to 1 L and from diameter 45 to 80 mm, always complying with the standards of the FEA (European Federation of Aerosols regulations).Our experience within the industry allows us to successfully cater to different markets: from cosmetics, where our aerosols provide solutions for various applications such as deodorants or hair sprays, to the food industry where our aerosols are utilised to package cream, oil or spray dyes; to the pharmaceutical and technical market where we adapt our aerosols to fit the strictest quality and technical protocols for products such as alcohol disinfectants and veterinary solutions. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to adapt the design and format of our aerosols to the specificities of each individual client.

Aluminium bottles

Our other main product is aluminium bottles. In fact Alucan is the only manufacturer of aluminum bottles capable of producing more than 30 different formats, from 20 cl. up to 1 L, as we have been pioneers since 1999 when we launched the first aluminum bottle on the market. Some of the most recognized food and beverage brands have trusted our bottles and continue to do so to this day, whilst the technical and fragrance sector rely on our bottles for outstanding security, infinite variety of offset prints and designs, and special closures 100% safe for transportation. 

Sports bottles

Specifically popular are our range of sports bottles, designed to be the perfect combination between style, practicality and sustainability. We are the official manufacturers for renowned teams such as Futbol Club Barcelona, and our clients value the quality and personalised attention we deliver within each project, as we are able to produce for capacities from 350 ml to 1.5 L, adapting the different formats, style, finishes, necks and closures to suit each customer. The quality, sustainability and manufacturing of our bottles never compromises their true purpose, as we use internal lacquers suitable for food contact that protect the taste of any beverage introduced.

We are pioneers in aluminium packaging, quality and delivery. This is just the beginning. We are Alucan.