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Here in Alucan we have been consistent pioneers in sustainability within the manufacturing and aluminium industry, not only in our creation of a completely recyclable product with infinite lives,  but in our continuous reach towards clean technologies to ensure an eco-conscious production process. Every year, our commitment to sustainable practices leads us to analyse data reports on our production lines, to ensure that we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint. Through the installation of new lines and eco-friendly energy resources we have achieved excellent progress, as we continue to implement practices that will further our efforts. 

Our advances in figures:

  • In 3 years we have reduced the carbon footprint to 27.3%.
  • The Badalona plant’s footprint in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 (with the 3 old lines) was 1.007 KG CO2/KG ALU.
  • The total footprint of Alucan in the year 2019 was 0.903 KG CO2/KG ALU
  • The footprint in Llinars for the second half of the year 2019 (2 new lines + 1 old line) was 0.732 KG CO2/KG ALU.
  • The total carbon footprint in 2020 was 0,864 kg CO2/kg AL and is 4.3 % lower than in 2019. This figure would have been even lower had it not been for the pandemic as in 2020 we had to stop equipment more often and turn it on again. Each new switch consumes more energy.

The next steps we have been applying in 2021 involve getting data from every line, as we currently data from the whole Factory in Llinars but we still need to study the contribution of each line in order to be able to calculate an accurate footprint for each product. We have also been looking at efficient planning and scheduling of line loading to avoid downtime, as well as to increase line productivity and reduce scrap during production changeovers or after breakdowns. In addition, all waste generated by Alucan (Cardboard, clothing, plastics …) is duly separated for recycling. Finally we have been working on replacing our external coatings  (basecoat and over varnish), currently solvent based, to water based, which are much more sustainable and safer. We will continue to work rigorously in our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. Welcome to a future of sustainability. This is Alucan.