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The manufacturing industry has developed greatly in the last few years and has opted for clean energies that align with the values of today’s consumers. By implementing and devising alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels, the industry is advancing steadily towards the possibility of sustainable growth. Here at Alucan, we are proud pioneers of sustainable growth in the aluminum industry, as we continuously review our practices and processes to ensure we are up to date with the latest sustainable developments. Our company was founded upon values of sustainability and innovation, as one of our main goals is, of course, the use of environmentally friendly energy resources that challenge the status quo of traditional manufacturing processes. Choosing these energy sources not only improves our business activity and ensures that we sell a sustainable product but it also protects the future of manufacturing and consumption. Our R+D team is consistently working to find innovative alternatives to our most environmentally unfriendly activities. Some of the ways in which we are pushing for clean energies and technologies are: 

Most of the contracted electricity that Alucan consumes is electricity from renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration.

  • We implement effective management systems and continue to invest in clean technologies. For example, we have recently introduced a system through which we can collect rainwater for use in our production process. 
  • Our newest plant in Lummen features solar panels that will provide great quantities of energy for our processes. 
  • We are working to improve the efficiency of resources in our operations and prioritize reducing waste by finding innovative ways in which to repurpose our resources. Our latest investment in heat exchangers means we will be able to repurpose the heat of our ovens to heat all the water we need throughout all of our production processes.

We are working to make sustainable development a reality. Our push for renewable energy sources and clean technologies makes us pioneers in our industry. Alucan: manufacturing creates at your service.