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In recent years, the transportation industry has overtaken all others in its overwhelmingly dangerous quantity of carbon emissions. The problem of course lies in its overwhelming presence in every single operating industry, as it is really not surprising when we consider the sheer number of cars, trucks, buses, ships and planes, all burning various types of fuels in increasing numbers. In fact, between 1990 and 2019, greenhouse gasses emissions in the transportation sector increased more in absolute terms than any other sector. 

Here at Alucan we understand that sustainability can only be achieved when considered from every angle, area and aspect, and when regarded as a continuous, always-evolving objective. A sustainable product surrounded by incredibly polluting processes, practices and transportation defeats its core value. Therefore, we are tackling our transportation practices to ensure that they are as clean and efficient as possible and always in accordance with our key sustainability goals. 

Reduce carbon emissions

Our focus will be divided into packaging, optimization of space, and location, to ensure that our emissions originating from transport continue to decrease steadily. Currently, we apply different practices and possibilities to lower the carbon footprint of the transportation of our bottles:

  • In terms of packaging, we are working to reach maximum efficiency, offering clients the possibility to replace all plastic for paper or cardboard and always suggesting the best packaging to optimise the maximum capacity of the transport unit, truck or container. 
  • We make sure to use our pallets several times (3-5) throughout their useful lifetime rather than replacing them continuously. 
  • In terms of cardboard, the cartons we use in our packaging are a combination of new fibers (30-40%) and recycled fibers (60-70%)
  • We have replaced polyethylene between layers with paper Kraft and in the cases in which customers use rigid plastic we ensure it is returned to be reused in the next packaging.

Our next steps involve achieving maximum optimization in all areas of packaging highlighted so that we always ensure a full vehicle load and the transportation of our post washing machine to our factory in Llinars del Vall├ęs, which we hope to achieve within this 2021 which will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 530 kg CO2 per year. 

As we continue to grow, expand and learn we will consistently work in improving our practices and impact on our environment, as we firmly maintain our ever-present commitment in creating an eco-conscious shift in our industry. Welcome to a future of sustainability. This is Alucan.