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One of the many factors that make us unique is our focus on design. Here at Alucan, we believe in working with high-quality materials that create a sustainable, efficient item that we then tailor to each specific project to create a product that fits the needs of our clients. We are then able to stay true to our values, to our commitment to innovation, transparency and sustainability whilst still creating a custom experience that differentiates us from other manufacturers. We take care of every detail of the production process and our raw materials and processes follow the most rigorous quality controls.

We work with 100% recyclable aluminum as our primary raw material, which can now since 2021, thanks to the work of our R&D team also be 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) upon client request. This is aluminum we source from used packaging by consumers which is then recovered, washed and crushed to be returned to the production process. To ensure we reduce the impact of our aluminum production and create a more practical product, we mix our aluminum with alloys that reduce the aerosols’ weight and lower their carbon footprint. Whilst our basic product is consistent throughout our projects, we work to satisfy the needs of our clients and as such each process is completely different according to the requirements of the companies that trust us.

We work to provide as much flexibility and options in our work, as we currently boast the widest European range in capacities, from 100 ml to 1 L. We are continuously working to improve all aspects of our production, from formats, measurements, designs and printing, which has meant that we are able to cater to a variety of industries and clients. Alucan then is able to produce aerosols and aluminum bottles for various types of markets, such as food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, technical and sports, whilst still ensuring we approach every venture with the utmost attention to detail. We will continue to carry out tailor-made projects that stay true to our values and that of our clients.

Alucan creates at your service.