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ISO 14001 is a globally recognized standard that lays out the standards for a quality environmental management system. It assists firms in improving their environmental performance through more effective resource utilization and waste reduction, resulting in a competitive advantage and stakeholder confidence. In essence, the certification maps out a framework for companies and brands to follow and implement effective systems to follow and ensure a sustainable development. 

The standard was recently updated, with important changes including a stronger commitment to proactive activities that improve environmental performance, higher prominence of environmental management within the organization’s strategic planning processes, and more input from leadership.

Alucan sustainable development

Here at Alucan, we are constant pioneers in our compromise to sustainable development and practices, as the need for an eco-friendly world is at the very roots of the formation of our brand. Thus, every single one of our facilities is ISO 14001 approved, as we obtained our initial certification in June 2002 as well as obtaining it again in 2017 for our new plant in Llinars del Valles. 

Aware that sustainability is not a box to be ticked once, but a goal that requires constant improvement, innovation and dedication, the certification has provided us with the tools to certify the efforts that we invest in making the manufacturing industry more respectful with the environment, providing assurance to company management and employees as well as external stakeholders that environmental impact is being controlled and addressed.  

In fact, our commitment to sustainability and our ISO 14001 certification has meant that our focus on eco-conscious practices throughout the past years has only expanded, as we have used its parameters to measure everything from lifecycle stages, the length and integrity of our supply chain, our use of transport, how efficient is our use of natural materials and even the way we establish partnerships with customers internationally. 

Eco-friendly practices

As the demand for sustainability in every production area grows, so does our commitment to the values that once founded Alucan. Our ISO 14001 certification is the perfect representation of our unique focus on innovation and eco-friendly practices that will ensure the wellbeing of our future generations. We will continue to work to ensure that everything we do honours the environment and the world we live in. Complete sustainability may be a utopia, but we like fighting for the impossible. This is Alucan.