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As consistent pioneers within the aluminum and manufacturing industries, we are always on the lookout for new practices and ventures that will further our commitment to sustainability. Our biggest new enterprise is the installation of our new plant in Lummen, Belgium as we aim to invest in clean, cutting-edge technologies to create a factory that is of utmost efficiency and respectful with our environment. This enterprise not only allows us to explore the latest manufacturing advancements, but also brings us closer to our international audience, as 90% of our clients are based in Central Europe. This, in turn, will greatly reduce our transport emissions, as our kilometres traveled in the distribution of our products will naturally lower, greatly decreasing our overall carbon footprint seeing as so many of our clients pertain to our new factory’s demand area. 

Paragon of sustainability

Our commitment to make our new plant in Lummen a paragon of sustainability goes even further, as we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 7.7% as a result of upgrades within our production line as our R&D team implement new, efficient management systems. Within our improvements, also lies our reach towards eco-friendly energy resources, as we incorporate solar panels that will grant us substantial quantities of energy, invest in heat exchangers able to repurpose the heat of the ovens to heat the water necessary throughout production and introduce a management system through which we can channel rain water for our processes, all of which leads us closer to our ever-changing sustainability goals.  Our new factory in Lummen is thus, a perfect reflection of all which we wish to achieve as a company, as our products revolutionise the aluminium market in their sustainable technology. In fact, as we increasingly use 100% Post Consumer Recycled aluminium our aerosol carbon footprint is set to decrease by an astounding 88.4%, as we also introduce alloys that both lower the weight of our packaging and reduce the impact of aluminium production.