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Lummen and Sustainability: Our New Plant 

Alucan products are made in Europe for Europe. As pioneers in the aluminum and manufacturing industry, we are always on the lookout for new practices and ventures that will further our commitment to sustainability. Our latest venture is the installation of a new plant in Lummen, Belgium. This will not only allow us to explore the latest manufacturing advances but also will bring us closer to our international customers, as 90% of them are based in Central Europe. We aim to invest in clean, cutting-edge technologies to create a factory that is both highly efficient and respectful of our environment. This will greatly reduce our transport emissions, as the kilometers traveled in the distribution of our products will naturally be lower, significantly decreasing our overall carbon footprint as many of our customers are located in the immediate vicinity of the new plant.

Model of sustainability

Our commitment to making our new plant in Lummen a model of sustainability goes even further. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 7.7% through upgrading our production line, R&D innovations, and applying efficient management systems. In this approach to continual improvement, also lies our ultimate goal of reaching the use of eco-friendly energy resources. We are planning to install solar panels which will provide us with substantial quantities of clean energy. We are also going to invest in heat exchangers which will be able to repurpose the heat from our ovens to heat the water we need during production and introduce a management system through which we can channel rainwater for our production processes. All of these initiatives are moving us steadily towards our ultimate goal of sustainable production. Our new factory in Lummen is a perfect reflection of what we want to achieve as a company and will allow us to revolutionize the aluminum market with our sustainable technology. By using 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum, our carbon footprint is set to decrease by an astounding 88.4%, as we are also introducing alloys that both lower the weight of our packaging and reduce the impact of aluminum production. Our use of sustainable materials and processes creates a product with infinite lives. Alucan creates at your service.