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Once again we are proud to announce our nomination for the Luxe Pack In Green Awards, awards that recognise avant-garde, environmentally-friendly innovations within the packaging sector and celebrate companies with strong sustainable ethos and objectives.  Luxe Pack has honored the best exhibitor sustainable packaging initiatives for the last 12 years, celebrating in Alucan and other nominees our willingness to disrupt the market by devising modern, eco-conscious, creative solutions. Our team congregated at the award’s exposition to reveal through our stand our latest innovation: 100% recycled bottles that challenge the way we view sustainability within the production sector. 

Aluminium production pioneers

Whilst we are pioneers in the aluminium and manufacturing industry, we are also acutely aware of the ever-changing needs of our planet, and work tirelessly to conciliate development and environment. In fact, we firmly believe that one does not exist without the other, and approach our professional endeavours with an open-minded, analytical mindset that has allowed us to become trailblazers in our sector.

As presented in our stand at the Luxe Pack In Green Awards our latest venture is the perfect example of our commitment to sustainability. Whilst our bottles and aerosols have always been recognised for their ecological value, being 100% recyclable and thus possessing infinite lives, our R+D team has worked consistently to find ways in which we can exceed sustainability requirements and expectations, and lead the way within the manufacturing industry. We are proud to announce then that our bottles are now not only 100% recyclable but 100% recycled, using PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) aluminium that we source from recovered packaging used by consumers which is then washed, crushed and returned to the production process to create our bottles and aerosols. Thus, our product is not only practical, lightweight, advanced and of the highest quality, but conscious of our environment’s needs and part of an everlasting recycling cycle that proves the proximity of a future of sustainability. Our various international clients can now request for their aerosols and bottles to be produced with 100% PCR aluminium, as our innovation extends to all the firms and companies that work with us and also become part of a network of people that strive for an eco-conscious world.  

We will keep working to meet the extraordinary demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions that challenge production methods and provide customers with options that align with their commitment to contribute to the protection of our planet. Welcome to a future of sustainability. This is Alucan.