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We are delighted to announcethat we have been nominated for the Luxe Pack In Green Awards that recognise creative, ecological innovations within the packaging industry and celebrate the environmentally-focused ethos of exhibitors and nominees alike. Nowadays there is an outstanding demand for sustainable packaging solutions that match an ever-changing production industry and provide customers with options that match their personal morals and commitment to contribute to an ever-lasting planet.  

Here at Alucan, we take pride in our continuous focus and work towards innovation and sustainability, and in our efforts to pave the way within the manufacturing sector in demonstrating that eco-friendly solutions are not only possible but our future reality. Thus, and in accordance to our morals, all of our products are designed to continuously meet sustainability standards whilst our R&D team researches and explores new innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Made with infinite functionality

Our bottles and aerosols are then made with infinite functionality, in essence with infinite lives. Our prime raw material is 100% recyclable aluminium, more environmentally friendly than most packaging alternatives and renowned for its resistance and duration. However, aware that the extraction of aluminium can exert great impact on our environment, we continuously search for ways in which to increase its sustainability factor, as we currently mix our aluminium with various alloys that reduce its carbon footprint and also make for a more lightweight product. 

Moreover, every single one of our aerosols or bottles can be made, upon customer request, with 100% recycled aluminium.  

Our recycled aluminum is PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled), meaning it comes from recovered packaging that has been utilised and is then washed, crushed and returned to the production process. Our packaging options are then a culmination of innovative sustainable practices and materials that are able to create products that defy the usual contamination associated with the packaging industry. 

We are extremely proud to have been recognised by the Luxe Monaco In Green Awards alongside all other outstanding brands, nominees and exhibitors. We will continue to work towards a future of sustainability. This is Alucan.