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Here at Alucan we constantly review our processes to ensure that we are up to date with the latest advances in sustainability practices. By focusing not only on a sustainable product but a sustainable process, we are able to consider the impact the manufacturing industry has on our environment on a daily basis. Our eco-friendly ethos is what makes us pioneers within the aluminum industry. 

One of our current focus areas is the optimization 

of the number of containers per pallet and the sustainability of the packing materials we use. Whilst we also work to improve the efficiency of our transport by trying to optimize trips and by setting our new plant closer to our international clients, packaging and pallets are areas that are easily overlooked when attempting to improve sustainable practices. 

After carrying out studies and analyses on our previous packaging we came to the conclusion that: 

• Non-removable pallets are more efficient

•Full layer pallets are more efficient.

•It is important to replace plastic packaging materials with paper or cardboard ones. 

When analyzing and calculating the carbon footprint of our current methods, we realized that the extra contribution of this packaging to the carbon footprint, compared with the optimized one was 

•832,26 g CO2eq/1000 bottles

And, if applied this increment of the carbon footprint to the sales forecast of (6Mu/year):

•4.993.560 g CO2eq/year = 4993,56 KG CO2eq/year

We make our mark on the aluminum industry by ensuring that we deliver sustainable products with sustainable processes that challenge the norm. Transparency, integrity, and sustainability are at the forefront of everything we do. We are proud pioneers within our industry and will continue to push for eco-friendly practices that respect our environment and our future generations. Alucan creates at your service.