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I perform my function and when Im of no use I reinvent myself and transform myself starting a new life.”

Alucan began when a thirst for innovation and compromise to contribute to an eco-conscious world joined forces in the manufacturing sphere. Our focus lies not only in the production of aerosols and aluminum bottles for markets as diverse as food, beverages, sports, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and technical, but in doing so whilst actively challenging the carelessness and damage with which the manufacturing industry too often operates towards our environment. 

Sustainable aluminium

Our main source material is aluminum, and despite being a significantly more environmentally friendly option to other more damaging materials, our R&D team is consistently working to brainstorm ways in which we can reduce the impact on the environment brought upon its extraction. 

We utilise new alloys in order to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, as they reduce the thickness of the walls of our packaging, thus lowering the weight of the aluminum and making each bottle more sustainable

100% recyclable

Our commitment to sustainability goes further. Our packaging is not only inherently reusable, but also 100% recyclable and made of up to 100% recycled materials at the request of our customers. Our recycled aluminum is PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) which we source from recovered packaging used by consumers to then be washed, crushed and returned to the production process.  

Thus, we are able to offer a completely and uniquely ecological produce, that is not only respectful with the environment in its production, but in its mere existence as it will continue to be repurposed throughout history. Our products have, in effect, infinite lives. 

 Personalised service

Our commitment to sustainability never hinders the quality, design, style or range of our products; on the contrary it enhances it to produce a uniquely innovative offer to our clients. 

We provide offset printing in up to seven colours, with print finished from glossy, to matte,  semi-matte, satin, UV, tactile and Matt & Gloss. Furthermore, our manufacturing flexibility allows us to offer an incredibly personalised service, adapting the shape and format of our packaging to fully meet our clients needs, and create a one of a kind product particular for each of our customers. 

Thus, our products are unparalleled combinations of a preoccupation with the environment, innovative production systems, a complete dedication to customer needs and countless style and design options. Each of the projects we endeavour in are then intrinsically linked through the values of sustainability that uphold Alucan and yet extraordinarily singular in their personalised quality. We believe that product is brand and vice versa. This is Alucan.