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Since 1999, when we launched our first aluminum bottle on the market, we have trusted the value, quality, and opportunity of our materials to create innovative packaging solutions for diverse market needs.  A shift from the pollution that mass plastic packaging was creating and the damage it was causing our oceans and environment was desperately needed. Therefore, we choose to work with 100% recyclable aluminum as our fundamental raw material. Here at Alucan, we like to take things a step further, as we are also able to provide aluminum packaging that is not only 100% recyclable but 100% recycled upon customer request, creating a product with infinite lives. Furthermore, we use alloys to both lower the weight of our packaging making it ultra-lightweight and functional, and to reduce the impact of our aluminum production on the environment.  Our internal lacquers have FDA approval suitable for food use and are BAP-NI (BPA Non-Intended). Our materials and processes follow the most rigorous quality controls, always guaranteeing respect for the environment. 

Aluminum is our secret weapon, as it allows us to shape, personalize and create high-quality, sustainable packaging for a list of diverse clients on demand. The benefits of aluminum packaging over other options are endless, including: 

  • Aluminum bottles and aerosols are environmentally friendly and consume less energy in their production than other options. 
  • They are a big money saver, due to the fact that they can be safely reused for years, which also reduces waste.
  • Aluminum bottles are able to preserve the temperature and taste of the beverage we choose to put inside.  
  • They are lightweight yet still durable and long-lasting, as well as very unlikely to cause any spillage. 
  • They provide a great canvas for various printing and design options that can make each bottle completely unique to the customer. 

We will continue to trust in our materials as our clients trust in us. Alucan creates at your service.