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Here at Alucan, our staff is our greatest asset. Keeping them safe, healthy, and engaged is our highest priority. With more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of monobloc aluminum packaging, the trust we always place in our team has been essential in our growth as a company and the continuous trust our clients place in our services. Our staff’s creativity, commitment, and expertise have ensured our success in carrying out tailor-made projects that achieve the total satisfaction of the companies we work with. We are proud to have a diverse and multicultural team that creates a rewarding and stimulating work environment.

The training and preparation of our staff is the cornerstone of our ability to provide good service to our clients. Their commitment and dedication to Alucan allow us to offer our clients innovative, sustainable, and efficient solutions. Therefore, Alucan guarantees a healthy work environment for men and women, so they can reconcile their personal and work life. Furthermore, we are committed to equality in all areas of our activity. Alucan is distinguished by being a company with an effective gender equality plan in the workplace, as we are able to set an example in a sector where differences between men and women are very significant.

Our starting point is that equality not only contributes to creating a fairer and more productive society but is essential for the success of any company. For this reason, the equality plan is an ideal instrument that allows the use of the potential and abilities of all people, increases motivation and commitment at work, attracts and retains talent and, above all, contributes to the will of women to be valued fairly. Our team is the reason we are able to take care of every detail of our production process and grow as a company that consistently pioneers in their sector.