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On the 16th and 17th of November Alucan attended the Packaging Innovations Fair, a national event hosted by Easy Fairs in Amsterdam that attracts international participants who present a surprising collection of insights and ideas for the primary packaging industry. The fair is a celebration of a future of inspirational and branded packaging, led by the rise of the Gen Zers, the group of young people that follows millennials. As a group, Gen Zers are significantly more preoccupied with the ethos and history behind the products they purchase, as 70% of them are willing to spend more on brands they would wish to be associated with. This is especially true when it comes to the recent need for production and products that are respectful to our environment, as consumers search for sustainable versions of their favourite essentials. 

Sustainability issues

The packaging industry then, has risen to the occasion, as different companies have worked incessantly to provide solutions to the ‘packaging problem’, exploring eco-conscious options that attract distinct target audiences and contribute to a future of sustainability. The theme of Packaging Innovations 2021, is ‘Welcome To Our Lab’, as the fair emphasises the opportunities a laboratory offers to create solutions that will benefit the world, focusing on sustainability issues, distinctive features in terms of design, material usage, and the need for packaging in a constantly evolving retail landscape. Alucan presented the variety of products that we offer in an attempt to provide cutting edge, sustainable solutions that add value to packaging beyond its basic function, as our R&D team works continuously to improve all aspects of production, From formats, measurements, designs to printing. At the fair we presented our technical bottles, beverage bottles and aerosols, all produced of course with 100% recyclable aluminium which can also be 100% recycled upon consumer request, as we work to satisfy the needs of an increasingly environmentally aware society and clientele. Our participation at the fair was a testament to our international, progressive and eco-conscious outlook, and the propelling force we have become within the aluminium and packaging industry, as it was an honour to share the space with exhibitors that are as equally involved in creating innovative, ecological packaging solutions. We are ready for a future of sustainability. This is Alucan