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Here at Alucan, we have been pioneers since 1999. Since our foundation, our purpose has been to provide high-quality, sustainable aluminum packaging solutions for our clients. We currently boast the widest European range in capacities, from 20cl to 1 L., as we continuously put our clients first by offering them multiple options for their vision. For this reason, we carry out tailor-made projects to achieve the total satisfaction of the companies that trust us. We are a company with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of monobloc aluminum packaging, and we are proud to manufacture specific bottles and aerosols for various sectors and markets, including food, pharmacy, cosmetics, technical, and sports. 

  • Food: We have years of experience collaborating with the most recognized brands in the food and beverage sector.
  • Technical: Our bottles for technical and chemical products ensure an optimal solution for contents that require greater security or special closures.
  • Fragrances: We have a specific range to store and transport raw materials such as essences, essential oils, fragrances, and sensitive products.
  • Sports: We are able to manufacture personalized sports bottles, for companies and entities, according to demand.

Our expertise means we are able to cater to each specific industry whilst still staying true to our values and ethos as a company, always putting sustainability, innovation and quality first. That is why we are proud to boast an excellent international sales network, as we are able to export our packaging to all countries. We will continue to lead the way within the aluminum industry, providing our clients with the highest quality options for their projects and visions. Alucan creates at your service.