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It is no surprise that plastic dominates the packaging industry. Its condition as a lightweight, moldable, durable, cheap and decay resistant material makes it extremely appealing to manufacturers around the globe. Unfortunately, plastic packaging poses a great danger to the environment, severely impacting the earth’s ecosystems and threatening the future of our natural resources. As a result of a lack of government policies  and inefficient product design, most plastic waste is either disposed of into our environment (washed into our oceans and consumed by marine animals for example) or sent to landfills, and because plastic is a non-biodegradable material, every single piece that has ever been produced is still on our planet. Furthermore, out of the 9.2 billion tons of plastic that have been produced, only 9 percent has been properly recycled, which comes as no surprise when considering how most manufacturers utilize single-use plastic packaging. 

Alucan, packaging pioneers

Here at Alucan we aim to make a difference in the way our industry considers our planet, as we are pioneers within the packaging, manufacturing and aluminum industries, paving the way for a future of sustainability. Our basic raw material is aluminum, which is not only 100% recyclable, but can also be 100% recycled at customer’s request. Furthermore, we add alloys to reduce both the weight of the packaging and its negative impact on the environment, creating a lightweight product that has infinite lives. The bottles and aerosols we design and produce are founded upon values of sustainability and innovation which we believe are key for the future of our ecosystems and resources. Our commitment to being eco-conscious extends beyond our product, as our raw materials and processes follow the most rigorous quality controls, always guaranteeing respect for the environment. We believe in the responsibility of the packaging industry to create change and motion, and are proud to lead the way in demonstrating that successful production can co-exist with the utmost care for our planet. This is Alucan