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We produce standard or custom aerosol packages, complying with the standards of the FEA regulation.



Alucan is the only manufacturer of aluminum bottles capable of producing more than 30 different formats, from 20 cl. up to 1 L

sports bottles


We produce sports bottles following customer specifications and adapted to different closures.

Infinities lives ,passing from one form to another, I perform my function and when I’m of no use I reinvent myself and transform myself starting a new life.


Alucan produces aerosols and aluminum bottles for various types of markets: food, beverages, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, technical and sports.

We have a proactive R&D department to adapt the packaging to the customer’s needs, in terms of shape and specifications, as well as advising you to obtain the best packaging for your product.

Our production process meets the most rigorous requirements and, for this, we have the necessary certifications and qualifications.

Our reprography center guides our clients to obtain a high-quality graphic product, using various print finishes, such as, glossy, matte, semi-matte, satin, UV, tactile and Matt & Gloss.

  • Offset printing up to 7 colors
  • Wide range available
  • Aluminum 100% recyclable and recycled up to 100% according to customer request
  • Light and resistant, use of alloys to lower the weight of the packaging and be more sustainable
  • Full bottle printing with different effects
  • Manufacturing flexibility


One of the great advantages of aluminum aerosols and bottles is the option of printing the entire surface, and to give more added value to our client’s product, we offer a wide range of inks over varnishes:


bright intense white

Bright Intense White – A bluish white that increases the impact on the shelf by attracting light.


Matt & Gloss: Matte and glossy inks for a more visual and elegant effect.


Thermo-chromic: the ink changes color when the bottle reaches the ideal temperature to consume the drink.

tinta_uv modif_2

UV – Glows with a fluorescent light when exposed to UV light.

Over Varnish


Sparkly: with glitter that adds a sophisticated and festive look.


Matte: adds a velvety touch to the bottle.

barniz tactil

Tactile: applies to bottles to which you want to give added value through touch.