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Throughout the past few years the significance, role and vitality of sustainability within our world and the business sector has changed drastically, to become something that is not just a box to be ticked, but a matter of primary importance to ensure the development, growth and future of our society. The celebration of COP26 in Glasgow in November of last year marked a clear path of what actions were needed to advance the implementation of the Paris Agreement and successfully lower carbon emissions globally. This year’s COP27, celebrated in Egypt, is seen as one that will bring solid commitments and plans on emission reductions. Furthermore, advances will hopefully be made in regards to the African continents, as it is one of the most vulnerables to global warming despite historically not being a big contributor. Sadly, and despite promises made at previous COPs, the UN estimates that emissions in 2030 will be higher than in 2010, so effective emission reduction policies are necessary to ensure we are close to limiting warming to below 2 ℃. 

Here at Alucan we work to ensure sustainability informs everything we do, as we stay in touch with the latest social, scientific and technological advances. We are committed to transparency, innovation and energy efficiency, as our R+D team works to find ways to reduce our emissions and improve our activity. With 40 years of experience offering a product with infinite lives, we are pioneers within the aluminum industry, paving the way by showing that sustainability within the manufacturing sector is not a possibility but rather an absolute necessity. We currently opt for clean technologies, renewable energies and carry out our production through processes that protect the future of our environment, and we are excited at the prospect of developing our business further towards sustainability. Alucan creates at your service.